Happy New Year? 2015!

I know we are already into the new year but I still think saying "happy new year" is very acceptable until January 31st! Things have majorly changed for me towards the end of 2014 and I am looking forward to blogging more in 2015 to keep you guys updated on this designer's life. 

My goal for 2015, is to inform people through this blog about the trials and many tribulations of being a fashion/graphic designer in this day and age? Yes I'm aware I posted that as a question.  What does it take to start a brand and to keep your creative mind stimulated.  Hmmm, ok, I like that as an overall umbrella topic for the year!  Let's run with that.

I started my career many moons ago back in Brooklyn, NY.  Before the term "hipster" was even a household term.  I now live in southern California, near Los Angeles and realize I have almost come full circle.  Back then, I was fresh and eager to learn.  At the time, using the word "designer" to my parent's friends felt like such a dirty word.  This feeling has now come to creep back into mind as I leap into my new business venture.  The word designer to immigrant parents still sounds dirty but I've learned to embrace it, and starting my own business feels so fresh and invigorating.  Yup 11 years later i'm back to where I started and it's still a scary new place.  So follow me, as I launch this brand within the next few weeks!   


Good bye Summer, Hello Fall 2014

Back on the west coast after a summer bouncing around NY, Philadelphia, and south jersey.  As we kick off Fall 2014,  I realized I have been transitioning not just personally but professionally.  I started working more with prints and decided to do some work for a west coast print studio earlier in the summer.  The studio sells art and prints to major retailers and brands across the nation.  Some of their brands are surf and sport based like Nike, Hurley and Fila Sport.  It was great of them to let me contribute and flex in the print area.  I'm not sure which companies selected my work or what it will be going on so keep an eye out for some of my art out there!  Below are just a few of my many contributions and not necessarily what was chosen.


There's an overall geometric feel to a lot of the art I submit because that has been what a lot of the companies have been looking for.  For the past few seasons geometrics and painterly looks have been trending and have translated well into sales.  Check back here often since i'll be going into a new round of print submissions for summer and fall of next year!  Let's see what I come up with!